Start the New Year differently

Now that the dust has settled and folks are dealing with the successes and failures of New Year’s resolutions, I thought I would throw out some New Year’s challenges for you to consider:

  1. Challenge yourself physically. Skip the “I’m going to join a gym and finally get in shape!” resolution and start with small, realistic steps. Go for a daily 15 minute walk as an example. I suspect most of us can carve out 15 minutes over the course of our daily or weekly schedule to devote to a walk. Make it leisurely. Don’t focus on making this your “exercise”, but rather use this time to reflect on the day/week, meditate and re-center yourself.

  2. Challenge yourself emotionally. Tell someone how special they are to you. Make someone a cup of coffee just for the sake of doing something kind for them. Reach out to an estranged family member or friend. Seek forgiveness from those you’ve offended and for those who have offended you.

  3. Challenge yourself intellectually. Try something new such as learning a new language. Start by learning 10 words in a language you can’t speak. Or learn 1 word in 10 different languages.

  4. Challenge yourself spiritually. Change your perspective. Listen to a different genre of music for example. Take a different route to work. Look at the space between the branches of a tree rather than the branches themselves. Devote yourself to spending 5 minutes in prayer and meditation.

  5. Challenge yourself in your community by volunteering. Homeless shelters, food kitchens, schools and churches are always looking for some helping hands.

Jack Forbush, DO

About Jack Forbush, DO

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